We are now on the road to things easing and opening up and we hope Archives+ can still help you to stay in touch with each other and treasure your memories with our popular online memory boxes. These can be used as a starting point in discovering your family history, finding out what your family’s childhood was like, looking back at the area where they grew up, discovering their fondest childhood memories and maybe uncover some hidden gems in your family’s story. 

Why not take this opportunity to find out about those important stories, ensuring family histories are passed on to the next generation. These can often get lost or put off for another day as we lead our busy lives. Sharing memories of days gone by can bring families closer together, listening to elderly relatives can be a comfort for families as they gain an insight into their life stories.  

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, Archives+ has published 18 online memory boxes covering some of the neighbourhoods in Manchester, and this month we’re taking a look at Moston and the surrounding area. Below you will find a collection of images from the Manchester Local Image Collection, alongside worksheets to use as prompts to start up a conversation.

Dig out your old photos too, these can also be a brilliant resource to trigger fond memories of family times. We encourage you to share your findings on social media, either as comments on our Facebook page or on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ArchivesPlusMemorybox

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If you are unable to share your photos and stories online, then the bring copies of your family memories into your local library.  In the coming year we will produce an exhibition in your local library of selected submissions, shared both online and in person.  

Please make sure that if you share any information with us that the person you have spoken to is happy for you to share it with Archives+. When sharing your findings try to avoid sharing too much personal information such as surnames and date of birth as these details can identify your loved ones.


Manchester Local Image Collection

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Moston Lane at Cole Street, 1959 m33569
Moston Lane at Pym Street, 1959 m33567
Fish and Chips Shop, Kenyon Lane from Chinley Avenue, 1968 m34369
Post Office, Ashley Lane from Lily Lane, 1968 m33785
Moston Lane at Leighton Street, 1968 m33184
Lumb Bros., Bluestone Road, from Kenyon Lane, 1968 m33864
Ferranti Ltd., Clapham Street from Wireworks Street, 1968 m34029
Ferranti Ltd., Tymm Street from Clapham Street, 1968 m34968
Moston Lane at Albine Street, 1972 m33614
Co-operative Society Store, Moston Lane/Kenyon Lane, 1972 m33662
Hartley Street, (MIP Market, formerly Moston Imperial Palace on right), 1972 m34195
Moston Hall, Moston, 1865 m47912
Moston Library and Simpson Memorial, 1906 m51178
Hough Hall, Moston, Gathering of Gill Street Methodist Church 1911 m47914
Moston Lane from Kenyon Lane, 1924 m33141
Moston Lane, Simpson Memorial on left 1940 m33722
St Joseph’s Cemetery on right, Moston Lane 1959 m33544
Alexian Brothers Hospital, St Marys Road, Moston 1968 m52553
Moston Library, the morning after the July fire 1981 m51186
The Ben Brierley Public House, Kenyon Lane, 1890 m49215
The Ben Brierley, Kenyon Lane/Moston Lane, 1971 m49216
Museum Inn, Moston, 1895 m50057
The Museum Inn and Martins Bank, Moston Lane, 1959 m33363
Mowers Arms, 164 Moston Lane, 1958 m50054
Blue Bell Hotel, Moston Lane (cemetery on right), 1959 m33546
Bingo Hall/Adelphi Cinema, Kenyon Lane, 1968 m34075
Boy Scout Hall, Brendon Avenue, 1968 m33899
Ashley Lane Park, 1968 m33777
Ashley Lane Park, 1968 m33776
Bowling Green, Broadhurst Park from Nuthurst Road, 1968 m57962
Changing rooms and rest garden, Broadhurst Park, 1968 m57961
Cricket at Broadhurst Park from Lightbowne Road, 1968 m57964
Tennis Court, Broadhurst Park from Lightbowne Road, 1968 m57963
Moston bowling green in Simpson Memorial Grounds, Moston Lane, 1972 m33451
Attleboro Road, from corner of Egbert Street, Moston 1900 m33810
Silton Street, near Ashley Lane, Moston 1909 m34911

The Moston Brick and Building Company Ltd. built the terraced houses seen here on Silton Street. If you want to learn more, see this very informative blog “Moston Diggy” by Alan Hampson from the Harpurhey and Moston community blog “Another Music” http://anothermusic.org/2019/05/26/moston-diggy/

Winnie Street from Fold Street, Moston 1968 m35156
Moston Court, from Woodstock Road (Miners’ Estate), 1968 m35164
Douglas Street, from Brendon Avenue, Moston 1968 m34084
Bluestone Road, 1968 (cemetery in background) m33868
Moston Lane, west side of Gill Street, 1907 m80645
Lily Lane School, Moston, 1906 m75281
Lily Lane County Primary School, Kenyon Lane, 1973 m64958
Moston Fields County Primary School, Moston Lane, 1959 m33337
Moston Lane County Primary School, 1972 m64979
St Dunstans’s Church, Moston Lane, 1959 m69515
St John’s Church, Ashley Lane, 1968 m70672
Lightbowne Evangelical Church, Kenyon Lane from Bacup Street, 1968 m34373
St Luke’s Church, Kenyon Lane, 1973 m34416
Lightbowne Liberal club, Kenyon Lane and Penn Street, 1968 m34776
Moston Conservative Club, Kenyon Lane, 1973 m34419

We hope you have enjoyed looking back at the photographs of Moston. More areas will be covered each month and if you would like to see more images, don’t forget to check out the photograph albums on Flickr and the Manchester Local Image Collection .