During these uncertain times we hope Archives+ can help you to stay in touch by publishing our popular memory boxes online which can be used as a starting point in discovering your family history, finding out what your family’s childhood was like, looking back at the area where they grew up, discovering their fondest childhood memories and maybe uncover some hidden gems in your family’s story. 

Whilst children are still off school and many adults remain at home, why not take this opportunity to find out about those important stories thus ensuring this history is passed on to the next generation which can often get lost or put off for another day as we lead our busy lives. Sharing memories of days gone by can bring families closer together, listening to elderly relatives can be a comfort for families as they gain an insight into their life stories.  

Each week Archives+ will publish a memory box for an area in Manchester, this week’s online memory box takes a look at Fallowfield, with glimpses into the surrounding streets. Below you will find a collection of images from Fallowfield, alongside 6 worksheets. The worksheets are set around 6 themes: Industry, Place, Health and Living Conditions, Fallowfield Campus, Pastimes and Communities. Using the worksheets as prompts to start up a conversation, write down your findings on a piece of paper, or if you prefer type into a tablet or PC. 

Dig out your old photos too, these can also be a brilliant resource to trigger fond memories of family times. We encourage you to share your findings on social media, either as comments on our Facebook page or on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ArchivesPlusMemorybox

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If you are unable to share your photos and stories online, when the libraries reopen bring copies of your family memories into your local library.  In the coming year we will produce an exhibition in your local library of selected submissions, shared both online and in person.  

Please make sure that if you share any information with us that the person you have spoken to is happy for you to share it with Archives+. When sharing your findings try to avoid sharing too much personal information such as surnames and date of birth as these details can identify your loved ones.


Unlocking Your Sound Archive have produced a blog about conducting oral history interviews with family members. The audio clips included in this online memory box have been kindly supplied by Unlocking Your Sound Archive. 

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Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd, Wilmslow Road, east side 1959
J and J Wray, Moseley Road, south side, no 198 – 1963
Culver’s Cart Mart Ltd, Moseley Road, south side 1963
Wilbraham Road 1973
(1103/26) e01 Mrs. Hughson recalls her search for work at the Labour Exchange and being offered a place at a training school for domestic servants. “She said ‘Would you lke to go to it It’s at Mabfield Road, Fallowfield…Try it…'”
Courtesy of Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre
Landcross Road/Wilmslow Road 1973
Landcross Road 1973
Platt Lane 1983

Mabfield and Kings Parade 1900
The Village just before Wilbraham Road, 1900. Tram Terminus for short trips from town, turned in Sherwood Street, by the Sherwood Hotel and Railway Station on the left.
Platt Bridge, Wilmslow Road 1908
Fallowfield Station 1910, Wilmslow Road at junction with Ladybarn Road, now Sainsbury’s
Platt Hall photographed in 1910. The Platt family sold the estate to Ralph Worsley, a wealthy textile merchant in 1625. Manchester Corporation bought the estate in 1907.
NCTD Transport Depot, Birchfields Road 1963
Manchester University Owens Park, Hall of Residence 1965

Platt Fields, opening day 28/05/1910
The Lake, Platt Fields 1910
Boating at Platt Fields Park 1913
Fallowfield Allotments, notice board and footpath leading to allotments 1921
Princess Margaret at Platt Hall Costume Gallery 1953. The gallery is currently closed but some of their collections can be viewed online at https://manchesterartgallery.org/visit/platt-hall/ or on Instagram @mag_platthall
Cresta Cinema, Princess Road, East Side 1959, near junction with Wilbraham Road – now a BP petrol station
Fallowfield Cultural Centre 1990, now “The Place at Platt”, a community library and resource centre

Brailsford Road 1900
Moseley Road, (Alwyn Road), Wilbraham Road extension, view from Balmoral Road 1905
Marbury Avenue 1973
Furness Road 1973
Albion Road, 1973 (“The Rookeries” erected by T. Holmes 1892)
Hilltop Court, Wilmslow Road 1973
Grangethorpe Hospital 1915. It was a military hospital 1916-1929.
Manchester High School for Girls was later built on the site.

One Mile Championship, Manchester Athletic Club Ground 1914
Ashburne Hall, Manchester University Women’s Hall of Residence 1925
Cycle Racing, Harris Stadium 1950 – named for a while after its owner Reginald Harris (world sprint champion). Formerly Fallowfield Stadium, now site of Richmond Park Halls of Residence
Oak House, Manchester University Owens Park, Wilmslow Road 1974
Manchester University Owens Park Hall of Residence 1975
UMIST Sports Ground, Firs Farm Buildings, Botany Centre in the rear 1975
Woolton Hall, Manchester University Owens Park, Wilmslow Road 1975

Holy Innocents Primary School, built in 1882 – closed in 1980, now “The Studio Bar”
Church of Holy Innocents, Wilbraham Road, looking from Moseley Road 1961
Moseley Road Secondary School 1967
Wilbraham School (juniors and infants), Platt Lane 1973
(1103/498) e01 Mrs. Whitehead used to attend the Dock Mission; she also remembers childhood trips to Fallowfield from St. Cyprian’s school and church. “When we went to Fallowfield [at Christmas] we always got a lovely doll and a big parcel of groceries to bring home…from these ladies at Fallowfield, I don’t know who they were…”
Courtesy of Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre
Hart Road Council School, Waverton Road 1973
South Manchester Synagogue, Wilbraham Road 1973, built to designs by Joseph Sunlight in 1912-13
Manchester High School for Girls, Grangethorpe Road 1973
Platt Lane Methodist Church, off Hart Road 1983

We hope you have enjoyed looking back at the photographs of Fallowfield. More areas will be covered each week and if you would like to see more images, don’t forget to check out the photograph albums on Flickr and the Manchester Local Image Collection .