This week’s online memory box takes a look at Rusholme and Victoria Park. The focus is on the Wilmslow Road area with glimpses into the surrounding streets. More on Platt Fields will be included in a future memory box.

The memory boxes can be used as a starting point in discovering your family history, finding out what your family’s childhood was like, looking back at the area where they grew up, discovering their fondest childhood memories and maybe uncover some hidden gems.  Sharing memories of days gone by can bring families closer together, listening to elderly relatives can be a comfort for families as they gain an insight into their life stories.  

Below you will find a collection of images from Rusholme and Victoria Park, alongside 6 worksheets. The worksheets are set around 5 themes: Industry, Place, Health and Living Conditions, Pastimes and Communities. Using the worksheets as prompts to start up a conversation, write down your findings on a piece of paper, or if you prefer type into a tablet or PC.  

Dig out your old photos too, these can also be a brilliant resource to trigger fond memories of family times. We are especially interested in finding out more about the heritage of the South Asian community in the area, so if you have any local knowledge you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. You can email us at Your findings can also be shared on social media, either as comments on our Facebook page or on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ArchivesPlusMemorybox

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If you are unable to share your photos and stories online, when the libraries reopen fully, bring copies of your family memories into your local library.  In the coming year we will produce an exhibition in your local library of selected submissions, shared both online and in person.  

Please make sure that if you share any information with us that the person you have spoken to is happy for you to share it with Archives+. When sharing your findings try to avoid sharing too much personal information such as surnames and date of birth as these details can identify your loved ones.


Unlocking Your Sound Archive have produced a blog about conducting oral history interviews with family members. The audio clips included in this online memory box have been kindly supplied by Unlocking Your Sound Archive. 

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Wilmslow Road, east side 5 – 1958
Wilmslow Road, east side 18 – 1958
Wilmslow Road, east side 63 – 1958
Wilmslow Road, east side 66B, corner of Dickenson Road 1958
Wilmslow Road west side 3 – 1959
Wilmslow Road west side 10 – 1959 (Rusholme Cinema on left, Walter Carter Depository on right)
Wilmslow Road west side 19 – 1959
Wilmslow Road west side 87 – 1959
1969 Slater’s Directory – Wilmslow Road
Claremont Road, from Wilmslow Road, south side 1973
Wilmslow Road 1973
Wilmslow Road 1973
Wilmslow Road 1985
Wilmslow Road 1985

Wilmslow Road 1907
Tram Stage, Wilmslow Road 1910 (Bratt & Hobson were grocers and tea dealers)
Wilmslow Road, looking from Great Western Street to town 1912
Wilmslow Road, looking from Dickenson Road out of town, tram no 821 – 1922
Domestic and Trades College, Wilmslow Road, east side 91 – 1959
Rusholme Public Library, Dickenson Road west side 1962
BBC Television, Aylesford Road, off Dickenson Road 1970

Birch Park Lodge 1913
Trocadero Picture House, Wilmslow Road 1959
Rusholme Cinema Wilmslow Road 1959
Casino Cinema, Wilmslow Road 1959
Temperance Billiard Halls Wilmslow Road west side 36, Orange Terrace 1959
Platt Fields, Pets Corner, Fallowfield 1973
Platt Fields, Boating Lake, Fallowfield 1973

Walmer Street, Rusholme 1927
Wilmslow Road, east side 77, corner of Brighton Grove 1958
Wilmslow Road, east side 79, Appleby Lodge 1958
Rusholme Gardens service flats, Wilmslow Road west side 51- 1959
Dickenson Road West Side 1962
(1103/74) e01 Mr. Thornhill shares memories of a family home in Rusholme; his father was a plumber and he moved the bath from the kitchen “…he took it out and put it up in one of the box rooms…” However, this made the family overcrowded and a bedroom short!
Courtesy of Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre
British Medical Association’s Boyd House, Upper Park Road 1970
Hillside Home, Rusholme 1970
(1103/58) e03 Mrs. Filer talks about her grandmother, Mrs. Yates, who she believes started the first laundry in Rusholme.
Courtesy of Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre

Regent House, later used by Xaverian College as Area School Dormitory, Lower Park Road corner of Regent Place 1956
Holy Trinity Parish Hall, Wilmslow Road west side 33 – 1959
Manchester Grammar School, Old Hall Lane 1959
Manchester High School for Girls, Grangethorpe Road, Wilmslow Road on left 1959
Trinity School, Summer Place, Rusholme 1973
Mosque, Upper Park Road 1976
Islamic Youth Movement HQ, Mosque, Upper Park Road 1976

We hope you have enjoyed looking back at the photographs of Rusholme and Victoria Park. More areas will be covered each week and if you would like to see more images, don’t forget to check out the photograph albums on Flickr and the Manchester Local Image Collection .