What did political satire look like in the 19th Century? Where did they channel their sarcasm and irony without Have I Got News for You? From the Broadsides collection we’ve picked out three political cartoons.

“Jacob & ‘Becca or women’s rights”

The first is based on women’s rights. It appears to refer to Jacob Bright, the first mayor of Rochdale, Chartist and supporter of women’s suffrage and Lydia Becker founder of the Women’s Suffrage Journal.

‘‘Mangling done here’’

Jacob Bright and Lydia Becker make another appearance in ‘‘Mangling Done Here’’.

‘‘I say Dizzy this is a go’’

The last cartoon features Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and possibly the Whig politician Thomas Macaulay. The banner being held includes the lines ‘This is the man whom the people delighteth to honour. Which is Haman and which is Mordecai?’