During these uncertain times we hope Archives+ can help you to stay in touch by publishing our popular memory boxes online which can be used as a starting point in discovering your family history, finding out what your family’s childhood was like, looking back at the area where they grew up, discovering their fondest childhood memories and maybe uncover some hidden gems in your family’s story. 

Why not take this opportunity to find out about those important stories, ensuring family histories are passed on to the next generation. These can often get lost or put off for another day as we lead our busy lives. Sharing memories of days gone by can bring families closer together, listening to elderly relatives can be a comfort for families as they gain an insight into their life stories.  

Each month Archives+ will publish a memory box focussing on an area in Manchester, this month’s online memory box takes a look at Hulme. Below you will find a collection of images from Hulme, alongside 5 worksheets. The worksheets are set around 5 themes: Industry, Place, Health and Living Conditions, Pastimes and Communities. Using the worksheets as prompts to start up a conversation, write down your findings on a piece of paper, or if you prefer type into a tablet or PC. 

Dig out your old photos too, these can also be a brilliant resource to trigger fond memories of family times. We encourage you to share your findings on social media, either as comments on our Facebook page or on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ArchivesPlusMemorybox

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If you are unable to share your photos and stories online, when the bring copies of your family memories into your local library.  In the coming year we will produce an exhibition in your local library of selected submissions, shared both online and in person.  

Please make sure that if you share any information with us that the person you have spoken to is happy for you to share it with Archives+. When sharing your findings try to avoid sharing too much personal information such as surnames and date of birth as these details can identify your loved ones.


Unlocking Your Sound Archive have produced a blog about conducting oral history interviews with family members. The audio clips included in this online memory box have been kindly supplied by Unlocking Your Sound Archive. 

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125 Stretford Road S.M.Co Shirt Manufacturing 1908 M26807
Rolls Royce made in Hulme 1907 M61550
Former employee talks about Henry Royce and the formation of Rolls Royce in Hulme
Copyright BBC Radio Manchester
Rolls Royce original works Cooke Street 1937 M61570
Former employee describes working at the Rolls Royce factory in Hulme
Copyright BBC Radio Manchester
Stretford Road Great Jackson Street 1963 M26815
Hillcroft Road 1963 – City Road CPO area
Crown brewery South Street stables 1964 M26795
Stretford Road Market 1971M59827
Quenby Street shopping centre, Lower Moss Lane 1972 M26577

Hulme Town Hall and Free Library, Stretford Road 1866 m79216
Aerial view, Virgil Street, City Road and St Georges Park formerly Hulme barracks 1925 M67724
City Road, Hulme c1969 m81076
City Road runs from bottom right of the picture as viewed. North Hulme Further Education Centre (formerly North Hulme County Secondary School) is towards the top left in front of Gaythorn Gas Works and St Stephen’s Church is to the right of the school as viewed. The Police and Fire Station (both in the same buidling) are across the road from the college and church, just further up. The cinema is the building on the right of the picture with the two cars in front, St Wilfrid’s Church is behind it.
Charles Barry Crescent, the Crescents, Hulme 1970 m25417
Hulme Library 1970 m51587
Hulme Walk, Stretford Road and Church of Ascension 1971 M26124
Princess Parkway 1972

Radnor Cinema, Radnor Street Hulme 1937 M09272
Hulme Hippodrome, section leased by BBC 1960 M09231
Memories of pantomime season at the Hulme Hippodrome
Copyright BBC Radio Manchester
York Street Cinema 1961 M27177
St Georges Park Hulme 1962 M56812
Hulme Crescent Cinema Cossack Street 1965
Hulme Library and mobile library 1966 M51582
Hulme Walk playground 1971 M26117
Zion Congregational Church now Z-arts Centre now a cultural venue 1971 M26120
Hulme Carnival outside Wesley Methodist Church Royce Road 26/4/1976 M84005

Violet Street from the back. Taken from Stott Street 1914 M27101
St Georges Avenue Hulme corporation dwellings was barrack housing for Hulme barracks 1916 M26747
Chorlton Road east side children’s playground 1961 M25689
Renshaw Street 1962 M26652
City Road area compulsory purchase orders (CPO), Hulme 1962 – objectors to CPOs
Hulme development Stretford Road 1970 M26819
Stretford Road school clinic 1971 M26823
Nash Crescent from Rolls Crescent, the Crescents Hulme 1973 M26514

Alice Cooke helped to develop higher education for women 1895 M72742
Upper Jackson Street Elementary School 1920 M48648
Mrs. Gibbs remembers going to see Chapman Hall Mission magic lantern shows in Hulme
St Marys National Day School Upper Moss Lane 1960 M26443
Loreto College extension Upper Moss Lane 1960 M26478
Sharon Gospel Church, Pentecostal Church Chorlton Road 1961 M25770
Radnor Street, Mulberry Street council school 1965 M26604
Denton Street council school 1965 M25960
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is webmedia.php
Church premises used by Cavendish Community Theatre 1966 M26804
Rolls Crescent Primary School 1971 M26697
Cornbrook County Primary School Barrack Street Hulme 1983

We hope you have enjoyed looking back at the photographs of Hulme. More areas will be covered each month and if you would like to see more images, don’t forget to check out the photograph albums on Flickr and the Manchester Local Image Collection .

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