Last Saturday we hosted another popular day of crafts, story telling, music making and green screen fun. The theme of the day was decided at our ‘Kids Take Over Day’ held before Christmas. They decided on a Tudor theme with music, stories and Shakespeare!

So, that is exactly what we did! With Tudor music playing in the background visitors enjoyed making a crown, composing a ballad, being transformed into tudor characters (or even Shakespeare), visiting Wythenshawe Hall (well, on the Green Screen) and traditional story telling.

Thank you to Wythenshawe Hall for allowing us to use their wonderful pictures of the interior of the hall.

Our very own ballad was composed throughout the day and performed along with ‘Tudor Backing Dancers’. See the lyrics below to ‘The Dome’.

The Dome

 ‘In St Peter’s Square, thousands gathered there,

to see King George in ’34, the first to open the library door.

A venue other than the street, where all people could come and meet,

to discuss their lives and passions, books, art and the latest fashion.


Chorus – Nowadays the Dome, symbolises home, for all in the city, a great, diverse community


In ’39 war was declared, each and every city was scared,

but we dug in and won, we danced and celebrated in the sun.

The old wedding cake survived the war, a symbol of what we were fighting for,

We cherished the literature, of every different culture.


Chorus – Nowadays the Dome, symbolises home, for all in the city, a great, diverse community’

A fun day out was had by all and we look forward to welcoming you to our next event.


Our next event is – January Sunday Funday – Chinese New Year – join us for a celebration of Chinese arts, crafts and culture on one of our exclusive Sunday openings. We are celebrating the Year of the Rooster with musicians, storytellers, artists and activities for all the family. on Sunday 29th January. See our website for further details, click here.