Spooky Fun at the Library!

As a Transforming Archive trainee, my specialism includes outreach and engagement.  This is a skill I was able to put into practise working with my fellow trainee Drew and Siobhan, Archives+ Community Officer.  Working together we used archive images to transform the Central Library into a spooky place to visit.  Using space to engage visitors in an interactive way at the Halloween Spooktacular event.

Using the fantastic Documentary Photograph Archive (DPA), I first selected images to use in our ‘spooky art gallery’.  Drew then digitised the images ready for using to create an augmented reality art gallery.  Using an online photo editing site sourced by Siobhan, I was able to ‘spookify’, the digitised images ready for use.

Next came the fun part!  Using an app called Aurasma we used various spaces around Central Library to create engaging augmented reality experiences.  We turned a blank wall into a ghostly art gallery, had scorpions running around on book cases and skeletons crawling out of books!

The spooky goings-on were enjoyed by many visitors on Saturday who enjoyed searching the building to find all the Aurasma images.