It has been very interesting whilst on placement at the Central Library, examining the histories of Greater Manchester. The theme of health and living conditions has been a great one to look at, as it lets us hear what town life like for many people when industry was still a huge part of life in the North West. The sound clip below is from an interview conducted in the year 2000, and it discusses living alongside the cotton mills in the twentieth century and how that affected aspects of daily life.

This particular clip has been taken from a much longer interview that discusses all aspects of life in Rochdale, with a “then-and-now” approach to life there. The aim of this project was to create an aspect of history that people can enjoy and relate to, whilst exploring the extensive sound archive at the Central Library.

If you would like to listen to more of this interview, it’s catalogue mark is: MOSSALL/15 2004.0182 and it is available in the search room.