This week marks the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day; in May 1945 the armed forces of Nazi Germany surrendered marking the end of World War Two in Europe.  Winston Churchill addressed the nation with this news on the morning of 8th May 1945 which sparked celebrations throughout Britain, Europe and America. VE Day continues to be celebrated and we have added some material to the virtual archive wall, in the Archives+ exhibition, using Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives and Greater Manchester County Record Office collections and some footage from The North West Film Archive, to show you how Manchester celebrated VE Day in 1945.  The crowds at Piccadilly celebrating VE Day In addition to the material we have in our local images and DPA collections, which can be accessed via the local images website, Central Library have a number of books in the Local Studies section which are filled with memories of people living in Manchester at the time of the war, including their recollections of VE Day.

VE Day-0002

There are also a number of oral history recordings which give an insight to what is was really like to be a part of the celebrations.

On Wednesday lunchtime at Central Library, The North West Film Archive are hosting a spotlight session which is focused on the ‘Calling Blighty’ films made in 1944-45 in the Far East, which feature servicemen and women sending messages home to their family and friends. The North West Film Archive have, in their collection, the films showing the messages that servicemen and women from Greater Manchester and wider North West areas sent home to their loved ones.

VE Day003

Even if you don’t think you can help with the Calling Blighty project, make sure you come and have a look at all the other material on offer at Central Library this week!