Wood Street Mission, 1902.

‘It is pleasing to know that amid the rejoicing which have marked the advent of the Christmas holidays the children of the poor have not been forgotten. At various charitable institutions in Manchester and Salford the little folk from the slums were regaled with Christmas fare or cheered and delighted with Christmas gifts.

The exterior of Wood Street Mission in 1920


Wood Street Mission, image courtesy of Local Image Collection, M68053

More than two thousand small boys and girls – the applications for tickets numbered at least a thousand more – were gathered into the building and one of them was made happy with a pretty toy, to say nothing of a bun, an orange, a slice of cake, and a Christmas card.’

Excerpt from Manchester and Salford street children’s mission Annual Reports 1901-1902.

Children having tea at Wood Street MissionChildren having tea at Wood Street Mission 1905, image courtesy of Local Images Collection, M68047

Christmas at Charter St Ragged School, 1930’s

‘When I think about Charter Street Ragged school and the good and caring people who worked very hard to keep the place going, making it very successful,considering it depended on charity.’

Another memorable event at Charter street was Christmas morning, when Mr Ellam and Mrs Fitzgerald would arrive early to sort out toys for us. When we arrived we would sing a few carols, and then we were given a lovely toy, and a bag that contained an apple, an orange, a mince pie, a Christmas card and to our delight , a new penny;we had looked forward to this all year.

From Collyhurst Recollections
By the ‘Now and Then’ group

By Ellen Casey

Charter Street Ragged School and Working Girls' Home