Cycling makes sense in a city on the flat. We even have a bike in the archive, not for riding round the strong rooms like Arthur Waley was once reputed to do at the British Museum, but as a form of green transport for deliveries and errands in the city centre.
Looking through our photo collection, there are images of cyclists and repair shops, reflecting the long heritage of cycling in this area.
Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, East Side, 1958This former car garage is now a thriving cycle shop.

Jim's Cycle Service, Wilmslow Rd, Didsbury, 1967

Whereas this cycle repair business in Didsbury village is now something completely different!

From the early days of penny farthings:

Group of cyclists with penny farthings outside Hyde Road Gaol, 1880

To 1940s runs out into the countryside :
Cycling 1940

Here’s a ladies’ ‘sit up and beg’ style bike, with skirt guards on the back wheel.

Cycling Dress, 1910

There are photos of first bikes:
Child on Bike in Wythenshawe, 1972

And bikes that gave youngsters freedom to roam:
Wallasey Ave, Fallowfield,1973

The Clarion Cycling Club magazines give an insight into the social freedoms of this democratic form of transport.
Records of the Clarion Cycling Club 01

These publications also contain some great adverts.

Records of the Clarion Cycling Club 26

Sporting cycling has a long association with Manchester too.
Cycle racing, Harris Stadium, Fallowfield.

Time to check the brakes and tyres and get on your bike!