Corporal Stewart Cook is a historian who demonstrates the life and equipment of the British Tommy (Tommy Atkins) during World War One. So far we have delivered six workshops in schools and the enthusiasm from both the students and teachers has been amazing. One teacher said “this brings history to life in a way I never could”.

World War 1 soldier experience, your history teacher needs you.
We have seen the weaponry used by the soldiers during the war and been given a real feel of how difficult life in the trenches was for Tommy Atkins, including the delicious* food rations allocated to each soldier.
The students have gained so much useful information to complement the curriculum and one student said ” this will help me with my history exams”.
World War 1 soldier experience
Both teachers and students have really engaged in the workshops and are keen for more.
In the centenary year of the outbreak of World War One this is a brilliant way to set the scene for schools to build on the experience and cover other aspects of the war in the next four years.

* Corporal Cook has a pack of biscuits, used as bread rations. They are so hard that not even the mice or beetles have been tempted to nibble them! They were intended to be crumbled into soup, stew or even a mug of tea to boost calorie intake. A tin of sugary apple and plum jam is also part of his soldier’s kit.