While looking through the photographs of Manchester around 1900 on images.manchester.gov.uk I noticed one name that came up again and again.  Who was this H Entwistle and why was he taking all these photographs?  Some of them show us the realities of life in Victorian Manchester in wonderful detail.  This image of Miles Platting is fascinating.

Corner Shop in Miles Platting

After doing some quick research I discovered that H Entwistle was Harry Entwistle and he worked initially as photographer for Manchester Corporation, mostly for the Surveyors Department.  This explains the nature of the photographs, after all not many people would be keen to photograph outside toilets.

Housing Closets at 2 Stone St, Ancoats

Harry Entwistle

I found this picture of Harry, at his desk.  We believe this was around the time that he set up his own business.

Along with the photograph is an image of the brochure for Harry’s photography business.
Manchester Photographic Tracing cover

If you’re interested in how Victorians really lived, take a look at Harry’s photographs on the local image collection.  They will tell the story better than a thousand words.
Princess Street back of 197 and 199