It’s been a week when cars and alcohol consumption have been in the news.

So when we came across this photo of a garage in Rusholme, we couldn’t help noticing the advertising on the surrounding hoardings.

Rusholme, Wilmslow Road, east side 14, April 1958.

You would have to trust a garage called Angel Motors!

Cars of all types are represented in our photo collections.

Here’s an early model.

Will Bond in Dr. Rhodes' car

These cars are in the process of being converted to ambulances during the Second World War.

Converting car bodies into ambulances, 1940

Some are just for fun.

On holiday in Blackpool, 1907. (GB124.DPA/8/7).

Dodgem cars, Southport, 1948. (GB124.DPA/1262/86).

Could this be an early version of photographic evidence of a parking ticket?

Whitworth Street, Looking to London Road, 1930

And did this prank in Bolton inspire the Italian Job?

One George Cane in his car on the steps of Bolton Town Hall in the 1890s. (GB124.DPA.759/13).