It hasn’t really been a good week for finding interesting things to show you.  This week we’re starting to move ourselves into Central Library, alongside the archives which have been coming over for a while now.  All the Archives+ team are packing or unpacking crates, trying to get their building passes working and, most importantly, trying to figure out how to adjust the new office chairs.  The scanners and cameras have been put in the right places and plugged in, but we’ve not had chance to see if they are working yet.  I’d love to say I’ve been running round the building taking pictures to whet your appetites, but there hasn’t been time… yet.

m81890 men working on the skylight

The best I can do is show you the view from the Archives+ office space up on the third floor.  Unfortunately, it’s going dark and I only have the camera on my phone so here goes.

Photo 17-01-2014 15 52 28 This is the view from where I’m sat.  If I stand up and crane my neck I can see the Friends Meeting House.







Photo 17-01-2014 15 53 07 This window is a little bit further up the office and has a good view of St Georges House (at least that’s what I think it’s called).







Photo 17-01-2014 16 07 09 By far the best view is from the brew room, or to give it it’s official title “The Breakout Area”.  If there are any celebs staying at The Midland Hotel, we might glimpse them while we have a mid morning cuppa!

Normal service will resume very soon and we’ve got some really exciting stuff to share with you in the near future.