Thirty-four ways of using potatoes...other than as vegetables (Front)

For this week’s Friday find we thought we would share one of our long standing favourite finds. This Ministry of Food leaflet, from WWI, was included with our collection of wartime posters. Many of these posters encourage people to eat less bread because of grain shortages.

Save the Wheat and Help the Fleet
According to this leaflet during WWI we had an “unprecedented surplus of potatoes – over 2,000,000 tons”. The Government were understandably keen to encourage people to make the most of this “farinaceous food stuff” including cooking and using potatoes in their skins.

Our favourite recipe from this collection is the Treacle Potato Pudding, which is made using the following recipe:

1 lb. mashed potatoes, 1 egg, half an ounce of sugar, 1 ounce of ground rice, 1 ounce of cooking fat, flavouring essence or other flavouring, 3 tablespoons full treacle, 1/2 teaspoon full of baking powder.

Coat a plain charlotte mould whilst warm with a layer of thick treacle. Mix the potato, egg, sugar and melted butter together and add a few drops of flavouring essence. Stir in, lastly, the baking powder. Put the mixture into the prepared tin and cover with a greased paper. Steam the pudding slowly in a pan containing boiling water in a moderate oven or in a steamer for about 1 and a half hours. When cooked turn out carefully on to a hot dish and serve.

Why not have a go at making this or one of the other delicious recipes?

Thirty-four ways of using potatoes...other than as vegetables (back)