Last week we showed you the 6th – 10th “most interesting” photographs from our Flickr stream (according to our Flickr stats).  I promised that we’d show you 1-5 this week, so here goes…

5.  The Picc-Vicc Project

These are designs from 1975 for a proposed underground rail link between Victoria and Piccadilly stations.  There are some very interesting comments and links on the Flickr page for this image (click on the photo and it will take you straight there).  I was especially interested to learn that Manchester Arndale was built with space for a station underground.

The Picc-Vicc Project

4.The Apollo in 1950

My first experience of The Apollo was seeing the band A-Ha there in 1987 and, for the record, they were brilliant.  Many other loud and sweaty evenings have been held there since.  Before it’s reinvention as Manchester’s home for medium sizes gig, The Apollo was a cinema.  When this photo was taken in 1950 you could have seen Victor Mature in “Fury at Furnace Creek”.

The Apollo in 1950

3.  LS Lowry in New Cross, 1968

After many years of being snubbed by the London art world, Lowry has finally been given a Tate exhibition.  Here in Manchester he’s always been pretty popular, as his position in our big countdown shows.

LS Lowry in New Cross, 1968

2.  CIS construction workers, c.1962

This is the Mancunian version of that iconic New York construction worker photo.  I can hear Health and Safety Officers screaming “hard hats” and “safety harnesses” from all over.  The view must have been spectacular but these men must have nerves of steel.
CIS construction workers, c.1962

1.  Before the Storm: Piccadilly Gardens 1940

It has never looked so beautiful, which is all the more poignant when you consider the battering that it took later that year.  Our most interesting photo is of Piccadilly Gardens, we’re glad that you love it because we do too!

Before the Storm: Piccadilly Gardens 1940

Please let us know what you think about our top ten.  Did you agree?  Have we missed one of your favourites?  You can browse our full Flickr collection here.