Our friends from the Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society have made us aware that some of you are having problems accessing WordPress blogs at the moment.  WordPress have put a message on their help forum to say

“a number of internet service providers based in the UK are now blocking sites listed by the Internet Watch Foundation. IWF flagged a site hosted on WordPress.com; we took the site down (it was in violation of our TOS), but not before some ISPs blocked it. Unfortunately, the blocking was not done very well and some of our servers were blacklisted, preventing our UK users from being able to fully access their sites. We communicated with the ISPs and IWF, and expect that things should be functioning normally soon.”

We hope that this message gets through to the people who can’t access the site, we know there is a problem and hope things will get resolved soon.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a “knocker up” waving a pole at a bedroom window.

Grannie Cousins", the local 'Knocker up' in c.1912. (GB124.DPA/1872/23).