My name is Bryson Kwan. I was given work experience in the Manchester Chinese Centre for a week. One of the many things I have done is scanning in magazines and taking photos of the magazines to be stored away in the Greater Manchester County’s archives and the Manchester Chinese Centre. These are Chinese magazines that date back to the 1980’s. I have taken some liking in the magazines. I think that the people who wanted to find more about the Chinese town centre at that time would be interested.
I have also been looking at a few photos from the Chinese community. I have explained a few of the images seen below:
Dancers, Chinese New Year, Manchester, 1985
Dancers, Chinese New Year, Manchester, 1985
This is the basics of one of the costumes. This creature in ancient myths was said to have scared a monster away.
I will probably miss the staff that I have worked with. I hope that I will return.