We’re big fans of clean hands.  Don’t think you’re coming near our lovely archives with bits of chocolate all over you, but even we think that this notice from the 1880’s is a bit stern.

'no Party will be permitted to Read the BOOKS in the REFERENCE LIBRARY whose Hands are not Clean' public notice, c.1890s (GB127.M740/2/13/1/4)

Joseph Heron became the first Town Clerk of Manchester Corporation when it was created in 1838 and held the position for forty years.  He was involved in everything that happened in the city, including helping Charles Halle make his orchestra nights a big success.  He was knighted by the Queen in 1869 and a formal resolution from Manchester borough council recognised his character, ability and long service.

Joseph died in 1889, aged 80.  His name has been given to Heron House in Albert Square as a permanent reminder of his huge contribution to the city.

Sir Joseph Heron - 1885I like the sound of Joseph Heron, all reports suggest he was a very clever and witty man.  Shame about the grumpy notice about mucky hands.  I’m sure it was written by an underling and he probably never even saw it, but I suppose there is no way of knowing.