Last Saturday, June 15th, the Archives+ team took some original archive items and children’s activities to Clayton Hall Garden Party at the request of Friends of Clayton Hall. Angela and Joanne travelled there by donkey… P1000029

Despite the dodgy weather forecast, the sun shone down on us and lots of people visited, even the Mayor made an appearance.


We took school logbooks and parish registers from St Cross school and church, which everyone found very interesting.  One lady visiting from Wales recognised her great-grandfather in the school photos from 1920’s.  Another lady spotted her twin nieces in some 1970’s school photos. Lots of the children enjoyed dressing up in Clayton Hall’s period costumes and they all had the chance to try coppperplate writing with a dip pen and ink.


You could have heard a pin drop.  Ironically, the children were writing “Children should be seen and not heard”.