We so wish to leave for America like so many of our friends. I can only hope and wait until our turn comes. My closest friend and his family have received the call from White Star Line and leave in March.


News from our friends in America!

‘It is almost 6 weeks, that we are here in New York and we begin to breathe a bit easier. Great things have happened since we are here. First Roosevelt’s death, and V-Day, in Europe. I guess you have celebrated this great day in the highest spirit. Well I cannot say that we are completely settled down 6 weeks is no time for this country where everything is so entirely different. The apartment is lovely, modern, luxurious, we have our own bath and so but it is not a home of my own… I hope this line reaches you in the best of health and assuring you that I think of you a lot and I shall not forget you. With kindest regards for you.’



More good news of our family. My uncle who has tried desperately for so long to find his wife and son – we had feared them dead but they are alive and well in Ireland!


I admit I start to worry; there is no trace of them in Ireland.


My uncle received this letter today. ‘Further news from The Argentine and it has turned out to have been a rumour only. Fact is that, his wife and child were deported to Poland in November 1941.’

1938 - 1950

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Please note that Refugee X represents an amalgamation of case files provided by the Jewish Refugee Committee based in Manchester, between 1938-1950 (the information has been adapted from the series m102/1/2 ). We have stayed as close to the original text as possible. As access to some items within this series is restricted, where applicable dates, names and places have been changed or omitted. If you have any questions you comment on the post or email archiveslocalstudies@manchester.gov.uk.