We hope to leave Germany as soon as possible. Our case is being handled by the Jewish Refugee Committee in Manchester, England, our guarantor wrote to quicken the process. I was yesterday with the Gestapo and got instructions for immediate emigration, otherwise it would arise great difficulties for me. Our departure from Germany now being a matter of life and death, my next limit is May 21, by which time we must have left Germany otherwise I will certainly be arrested. There is great tragedy that my wife this angel in human shape and the children’s grandmother had to become victims of the Nazis.


I have sent to the committee my reference which will hopefully speed our departure from Germany. ‘His absolute reliability as a man made him a colleague to be used in all places and for independent work… I wish him the very best for the future, he highly deserves it according to his human qualities.’


The danger becomes daily and hourly more evident.

10.9. 1939

n.d. c.1939

We have arrived in England! We are comfortable, we share a room, a vast amount of space is taken up with the belongings of two refugees who were interned and deported to Canada not long ago. They left in quite a rush and could only take bare necessities, one gentleman even left his winter coat!


Terrible news today! A dear friend of mine who did not make it out of Germany before the outbreak of war has died. He had been threatened with internment in a concentration camp and was desperately seeking a guarantor here in England.

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Please note that Refugee X represents an amalgamation of case files provided by the Jewish Refugee Committee based in Manchester, between 1938-1950 (the information has been adapted from the series m102/1/2 ). We have stayed as close to the original text as possible. As access to some items within this series is restricted, where applicable dates, names and places have been changed or omitted. If you have any questions you comment on the post or email archiveslocalstudies@manchester.gov.uk.