On 21 May, The Hacienda will be thirty years old! We’ve taken a piece from the archive to celebrate. ‘The Hacienda must be built’, but it also needed to be licensed! This is an entry into a Register of licenses confirming details of The Hacienda, dated 20 May 1982.

The Hacienda originally had a member’s-only licence, the Museum of Science and Industry which holds a massive array of Haciendaand Factory records memorabilia has a temporary membership card, used for the opening night as the originals designed by Peter Saville arrived late.

Manchester Libraries also have some amazing books  detailing the history of The Hacienda, Factory Records and the Manchester music scene including,  The Hacienda: how not to run a club, Manchester: Looking for the light through the pouring rain and Factory: the story of the record label.

If that’s not enough for you The Manchester Photographic Gallery are hosting ‘Hacienda 30 XXX’ The Hacienda’s Thirtieth Anniversary Exhibition’, which includes memorabilia from Peter Hook’s private collection, a model of The Hacienda interior and historic photographs.