The last of the mince pies have been scoffed, you have 12p in your bank account, your alarm clock rudely awakes you at what seems to be 3am and it would’ve helped to actually turn the kettle on before you made yourself a brew this morning. Sound familiar? Don’t worry you’re not alone….this is Blue Monday, officially the most depressing day of the year.

But do not fear! Here are 10 tips accompanied by archive photos to help you combat those blues:

1- Try and catch some of that elusive sunlight. Sunlight provides us with Vitamin D and also improves your mood:

Piccadilly, Workers Sunbathing in Gardens, 1955. Ref: m04735

2- Avoid binge drinking like these lovely ladies…

Taken at the ‘Beehive’ c.1970. Ref: GB124.DPA/958/12

3- …and drink more (nonalcoholic) fluids like these charming ladies:

Taking a break from rambling, 1929. Image Ref: m07679

4- Exercise! (Although preferably not with guns) :

Prisoners in the exercise yard, Strangeways, 1890. Ref: m57069

5- Avoid fast food shops:

Interior view of Fish and Chip Shop in Wythenshawe, 1949. Ref: m45209

6- Book a holiday or something you can look forward to:

Boy at Butlin’s, Skegness, 1938. Ref GB124. DPA/584/25

7- Go for a walk in the country (avoid puddles):

Rambling, 1921. Ref: m07673

8- Organise a dinner party with your best friends (and why not wear a paper hat?):

King Street Club, 1953. Ref: m62202

9- Treat yourself to a day at a spa:

Turkish Hot Rooms, 1905. Ref: m51809

10- And finally…SMILE!

Smile Competition, 1973. Ref: m07871