Black History Month (BHM) is held every October in Britain. The aims are to:

• Promote knowledge of Black History, Culture and Heritage
• Disseminate information on positive Black contributions to British Society
• Heighten the confidence and awareness of Black people to their cultural heritage.

Here at Manchester Archives we will blog about material we hold that relates to black and minority ethnic people all this week in order to promote the collections we hold and hopefully encourage people to donate more.

Using Parish Registers are a good way of researching the history of various communities. The registers include information on baptisms, marriages and burials. Some parish collections stretch back to the 1500s.

The earliest reference to black and minority ethnic people in the early (pre-1900) parish registers we could find was the story of one man called Juba Royton.

I’ve created an online poster for the Story of Juba Royton:

To view the full online exhibition please visit: