Richard Brook of the Manchester School of Architecture has curated this set of 20 selected images from the Manchester Local Image Collection. If you would like to curate your own set from the online collection of over 80,000 images of Manchester – whether it’s photographs personal to you, or an area of Manchester you’re particularly interested in, or a subject – please email us on

Piccadilly Plaza, 1965

Richard was in receipt of an RIBA Research Trust award to complete a body of work concerned with the 1945 Plan and its influence on the shape of the city. He cites the image collection as a valuable visual source, one without parallel, and of critical importance to his study.

The visual survey carried out by the Manchester Photographic Society as well as images from the archives of the City Engineer and Architect’s offices afford a unique glimpse at the period where ex-capita British Modernism collided with the Victorian City. The powerful visual contrasts between the new and the old is one of the key components of this edited set, as well as the idiosyncratic incidences that occur as part of the processes of renewal.

Many of the vistas have been closed and some of the buildings vanished or modified beyond recognition. It is these, alongside telling moments of construction techniques of the time, that have informed the selection.

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