Day 3 of our posts for Refugee Week:

Extracts from papers belonging to Yolan Simon, a former resident at Heathlands (Jewish Home for the Aged), who was born in Eisenstadt, Austria, in 1905 and came to England in 1939 as a refugee from Nazi persecution.

She was issued a `Reisepass’ of the `Deutsches Reich’  and her registration card from the Domestic Bureau Registry Office states that her date of arrival is  8/3/39 and the type of work sought is given as `housemaid’.

Her card was stamped by an immigration officer in Harwich on 8 March 1939. “Leave to land granted at Harwich this day on condition that the holder registers at once with the police and does not enter any employment other than as a resident in service in a private household.”

When she arrived in the UK, she was issued a booklet entitled: “While you are in England: HELPFUL INFORMATION and Guidance FOR EVERY REFUGEE”. You can see part of the booklet here. You can also see the entirety of another similar booklet here.