This gallery includes photographs of amateur and professional teams from around Greater Manchester taken from the Documentary Photographic Archive.

The Documentary Photography Archive (DPA) is a unique archive which documents the life of the Greater Manchester region. The archive began as a rescue project by an organisation called Manchester Studies in 1975. It now contains over 100,000 images, dating from the earliest days of photography to the present day.

Since 1986, the archive has been housed at the Greater Manchester County Record Office. The vast majority of the images have been catalogued, and these catalogues are now available online on a searchable database at the Access to Archives site. For more information on the Documentary Photographic Archive and to search the online catalogue, see our website.

These images are made available for personal enjoyment or private study only. Anyone wishing to reproduce, exhibit, or make commercial use of an image in any medium (including books, newspapers, television, films, public exhibitions, websites or computer programmes) must first seek permission from the Greater Manchester County Record Office on

The images in this collection represent a tiny sample of overall collection. High quality prints are available to order from the same email address